What We Do

eStrategy Solutions builds customized tools to help state government agencies. We enhance their existing technology to simplify, streamline, support, and deliver expanded and organized digital data.



eStrategy Solutions adds tools that work with your existing technology to streamline your regulatory processes. Our team understand your needs and builds each step of our service delivery to be simple and effective.



Our tech experts can unify even the most complex data sources into organized workflows within a transparent framework. We simplify each process while maintaining clear communication and the services each agency requires.


Zero-Fiscal Note

With over 20 years of successful client experience using our zero-fiscal note model, you can trust we won't add additional funding requests. There are no contract escalations, fees, or other hidden costs either.



eStrategy Solutions creates proven solutions that grow with your mission. Our team is dedicated to delivering service that ensures your success.

Our Work

We have a reputation for excellence serving regulatory agencies nationwide. eStrategy Solutions supports your agency with simplified solutions for complicated jobs.

On Time

On Time

Delivery on your schedule, no pressure and no hassle.

Extensive Service

Extensive Service

Solutions custom made for your agency, including zero fiscal note opportunities.

Security Guaranteed

Security Guaranteed

Secure universal portal integrates with existing systems.


The eSS Universal Portal securely unites licensure, online learning/continuing professional education, testing, ce repository, audit, compliance, workshops, webinars, enforcement, user support, cost recovery and other regulatory support activities delivered to third-party individuals and/or licensees.

  • Customized content delivery
  • Testing, assessments, and examinations
  • Real-time user activity/status reporting
  • Certificates of completion
  • Secure payment portal for users
  • User support & help desk

About Us

As a long-term agency service provider, eStrategy Solutions provides mission-specific applications for each of our state agency clients. We help create a digital transformation, resulting in a user-friendly platform that saves time and helps staff focus on core responsibilities.

John Matthews
Founder, CEO / President
Mr. Matthews created and launched eStrategy Solutions, Inc. in 2000. He provides corporate oversight and leads business development.
Steve Matt
COO / Vice President
With over thirty years of business and IT experience, Steve leads the day-to-day operations of the company.


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